Whether you work independently or manage a team of employees, running a business requires an effective system for scheduling and tracking time.

From understanding attendance and paid time off to making payroll and managing project budgets, having a good grasp on time spent keeps your business on track and can ultimately save you money. There are a lot of affordable systems out there (many are free). The challenge is finding the right one for your business.

In this installment of Small Business Scene, we’ve pulled together resources to address your scheduling and time tracking needs. In an effort to, yes, save you time.

You want a tool in Excel.

Free attendance, timesheet manager, and shift schedule planner
Free timesheet templates including overtime and unpaid lunch

You want to track time directly in your accounting software.

Track and bill time in QuickBooks Plus
Track and bill time in FreshBooks
Track and bill time in Xero

You want to keep things manual and simple.

Free online calculator you can print or email

You need to track your own hours.

Free time tracking and invoicing for individuals

You need to manage and report on a project.

Manage a team and get detailed reports

You need to schedule and manage employees.

Detailed guide to choosing a time and attendance system
Top 3 systems from Business News Daily
Time clock and scheduling for small retail & restaurants

Scheduling & Time Tracking Tips by Industry:

Tips for restaurants
Tips for retail
Tips for construction
Tips for project based work

Whether managing hourly employees or projects with many moving parts, these tips and tools can help reduce the time and headaches spent scheduling and tracking time in your business.

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