With over 450 million users, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional and business-oriented network on the Internet. But, is it the right tool for your small business?

LinkedIn’s free platform can be used to connect with potential customers, recruit employees, or learn from the experiences of like-minded business owners. How you use LinkedIn will depend on the type of business you run and what your business needs.

To help you tap into LinkedIn and understand what it has to offer, we’ve put together this quick list of resources.

You don’t know where to start.

Explore LinkedIn’s free guide to building your brand and attracting new business. As they say on their website, “A strong brand helps you find – and be found by – the right people.”

Or try this guide for a detailed breakdown of everything LinkedIn has to offer.

Your personal profile needs TLC.

Tips to optimize your profile.

You want the inside track on the unwritten rules.

24 do’s and don’ts of LinkedIn etiquette.

You’re not sure if you need a company page.

4 reasons to use company pages.
Step-by-step guide to building a strong company page.
Tips for maintaining effective company pages.

You have your profile and company page, now what?

Best tips, tricks, and practices for small business.
How small businesses leverage LinkedIn.
How to use LinkedIn to generate business.
How to use local LinkedIn groups for networking.

You’ve got the basics down, but want industry-level insight.

How LinkedIn works for construction companies.
Case study: how this restaurant got results with LinkedIn.
How a salon used LinkedIn to grow business.
Ways to use LinkedIn for real estate leads.

Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or want to get the most out of your existing profile and company page, these tips and resources can make sure that whatever effort you put in fits best with your business.

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