Running your own business can be engaging, liberating, and empowering, but it can also be exhausting. For some entrepreneurs, inspiration does not always flow freely. If you’re feeling unmotivated and uninspired, you could be on the edge of burnout.

Too much stress can drain your passion and inspiration. Serious burnout can cause mental and physical health issues ranging from clinical depression to heart disease.

Know the signs of burnout, and, more importantly, what you can do about them.

Sign: It feels like I’m always working.

Solution: Firmly establish boundaries.
Work-life balance isn’t just a corporate buzzword. Establishing work-life boundaries can help prevent work overload. Set your schedule, block off personal days, and put up an auto-response on email after certain hours or when you need a break.

Sign: I wear all the hats.

Solution: Delegate tasks.
Financially successful people don’t spend valuable time on tasks that can be delegated. Time is your most precious resource. If a task is time-consuming or doesn’t produce immediate value for your business, consider delegating it. These tools can help you delegate tasks more efficiently so you can focus on high-value work. Or, consider outsourcing. Upwork connects you to freelancers from virtual assistants to bookkeepers.

Sign: I have zero energy.

Solution: Keep yourself healthy.
Get plenty of sleep, eat a balanced diet, and make time for exercise. To improve sleep, the Mayo Clinic recommends establishing bedtime rituals and making time for exercise. With better sleep, you’ll be more productive. This sleep calculator will help you determine the best time to go to bed and wake up based on your sleep cycles.

Sign: I don’t feel inspired.

Solution: Take breaks during the day.
Give yourself time throughout the work day to mentally regroup and get inspired. To keep entrepreneurial inspiration flowing, go for a walk, play a video game, or engage your team in a fun activity. The Stand Up! app will remind you to take breaks. And, it’s free.

Sign: I work seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Solution: Schedule time off.
If your business schedule prevents you from taking weekends off, schedule days off for the slowest days of the week. Keeping regular days off will help you get in the habit of taking them. And don’t forget about holidays ─ 55% of small business owners work through most, if not all, holidays.

Sign: Vacation? What’s a vacation?

Solution: Don’t skip vacations.
Small business owners take fewer and shorter vacations, giving them less time to recharge and regroup. Taking vacations has valuable health benefits such as decreased risk for heart disease and depression. Try scheduling your vacation for the same time-period every year. Then, your customers and employees will come to expect it.

Edging up to burnout does not make you more productive. In fact, it does the complete opposite. Know the signs and stay ahead of burnout.

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