“Running a small business demands a lot of dedication, and not only in hours worked.”

— Chef Maria Walusis, Restaurant Owner, Nibbles Culinary Entertainment

Nibbles is a fine dining establishment in Miamisburg, OH with a unique rotating menu that changes completely every eight weeks.

Here’s their story:

I trained, worked hard, and went out on my own.

Becoming a chef was a dream-fulfilled as well as a second career for me. I trained for over three years, with some of the best chefs and at the top restaurants in my area. Eventually, I launched a catering business, which led to the opening of my first restaurant in 2015.

We offer a first class dining experience.

I want all my guests to have an unforgettable experience, enjoying new dishes and flavors as well as fresh takes on familiar favorites. At Nibbles, we offer first class dining and are available for private parties and catering. We are also known for our excellent craft cocktails and for having the most delicious desserts in town!

We are dedicated to growing despite the obstacles.

Running a small business demands a lot of dedication, and not only in hours worked. There are so many decisions to make, and so many hats to wear, and success means growing – you cannot stand still! In order to build our brand and continue our success, we needed to expand our operation and hire more staff. To do that requires capital. Unfortunately, as with many newer small businesses, gaining access to capital through traditional sources was practically impossible.

Swift Capital gives us the access we need with terms that work for our business.

Fortunately for us, we discovered Swift Capital. Not only were they able to offer us the funding we needed, but they worked with us to personalize a plan that suited our needs as well as our budget.

For us, success is growth.

Our business is continuing to succeed, and the buzz is growing. We expect to show double-digit growth this year, and would not hesitate to recommend Swift Capital to our colleagues.

Learn more about Nibbles Restaurant.

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