“Chalk it up to part luck, part drive, part quality product, but our growth has been insane.”

Razorz Construction is a full-service commercial and industrial concrete contractor, working with general contractors to finish jobs on schedule while maintaining an affordable budget.​

Here’s their story:

I was ready to go out on my own.

My friends and family thought I was crazy to start a concrete business during the recession. But after a lifetime of working in the construction industry, I wanted to own my business and saw a need for quality concrete subcontractors.

I made a commitment to the best product and customer service.

The construction community chooses Razorz because of our great finished product and our customer service.

We grew from there.

Chalk it up to part luck, part drive, part quality product, but our growth has been insane. In 2012 we did $800k in sales; in 2013, we did $5.5million. In 2014 we did $6.2 and we’re on track to do even better this year. With the incredible growth comes a need for much more product.

We needed flexibility.

Most contractors don’t get paid for at least 30 days after their jobs, which means I don’t see the money for even longer. To continue to serve the general contractors and maintain our overnight growth, I needed working capital to purchase concrete supplies.

We knew traditional banks weren’t the right fit.

Traditional banks tend to turn down loans to construction companies. It is a risky business – if we go bankrupt, they aren’t able to finish the job and get their money. Compounding the risk is the lack of collateral and many construction companies suffered during the recession. But our receivables are solid, and that’s the bottom line.

We’re excited about what’s next.

I’m excited for the future of Razorz. We have been able to start to offer medical insurance for our employers and purchased new machinery to start a curb and gutter division. I can’t wait to see where we go.

Learn more about Razorz Construction here.

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