“We’re doing what every other small business out there is doing, trying to make more tomorrow than we did today.”

Eco-Friendly Maids is a luxury, green cleaning company in Atlanta. They make 100% of their products from organic ingredients, their team members are paid well above industry average, and their customer service is top notch.

Here’s their story:

I saw a need.

When I was 18, I started cleaning for my great aunt who had a lung condition in the suburbs of Atlanta. Organic and green have always been core values of mine and, as a personal preference, I always made my own products.

I didn’t go to school for business or anything like that, but I saw the market moving towards my personal preference for eco-conscious, organic products.

We found our customers, grew our business, and built our team.

To get started, we designed a website, bought magnets for our cars and started marketing. We got our first real client – who still is a client to this day – from online search. We moved into the city of Atlanta and have since grown to over 200 clients and 15 team members.

Three years ago, we branched out to offer our natural, handcrafted everyday products under Timshel Apothecaries and run the businesses side-by-side. We have a really good team, and that’s what I am most proud of: our awesome, loyal team that is devoted to the brand. Otherwise we couldn’t do what we do.

We want to make a difference.

For every new customer, we work with an organization to plant a tree in the customer’s name. Not only are we giving back to our planet, but to our own community; the trees are planted right in northern Atlanta.

We needed a partner.

Swift Capital saved the day for us, though not in any way that is too exciting. Taxes. Our taxes last year were much bigger than previous years. We chose to get more funds than we needed, so we could make the advance work for us.

We’re expanding our reach.

We used a hefty amount for the taxes, but we also started our company fleet. We bought a small used car, got a good deal. We also invested in advertising with a billboard and ads on benches. We bought new team t-shirts and put some in savings to use for marketing.

What’s next?

The company continues to grow and every year is bigger than the year before. Business is good, we are busy with internal restructuring and our prospects are optimistic. I’m hoping the next couple months bring growth from our marketing and advertising ventures. We’re doing what every other small business out there is doing, trying to make more tomorrow than we did today.

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