“We were able to get our staff in early enough to train them, so we’ll be in great shape for the new season.”

Abella Tax Services, Inc . provides bookkeeping, payroll services, and tax preparation to make business accounting as stress-free as possible.

Here’s their story:

I saw a need.

I started Abella Tax Services in 2005 after working for a chain tax preparation firm for a number of years. I saw many business owners who needed bookkeeping help and year-round planning. Our goal is to provide complete, more personal, year-round service.

We saw tremendous growth and needed a plan.

The business grew steadily and was manageable until the last three years, when we experienced exponential growth. In planning for this next tax season, we needed to invest in additional equipment and hire additional staff.

We prepared for the busy season.

With a highly seasonal business, we were struggling with how to meet the additional expenses in the low-income gap between the end of the year and the middle of February when tax season revenue starts coming in.

We wanted a short-term pay off.

Swift Capital was able to provide us quick financing for this short-term need. We were able to get our staff in early enough to train them, so we’ll be in great shape for the new season. We’ll have our funding paid off at the end of the season, no long-term payments. I appreciate how fast and painless they made the process.

Learn more about Abella Tax Services here.

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