“If I screw something up, it’s my own fault. But when I come up with a really good idea, I get all the credit.”

DogChewz NYC develops and manufactures small, easy-to-chew, all-natural dog treats that are available in boutiques across the United States and online.

Here’s their story:

It was time to go out on my own.

I worked at many different positions in the corporate world, but I never fit in. I had been selling other people’s pet products, but realized that I needed to make my own product. After September 11th, I decided that life was too short, and it was time to go out on my own.

I created a unique product.

In 2000, I had started making homemade dog treats for my first dog who was very fussy and had a hard time chewing large treats. At the time there weren’t any small treats on the market so I decided to make my own. I took them to a local farmer’s market, and they were a hit.

The first flavor I developed was Chicken Parmesan. Now I have eight different flavors, the newest one being Duck Cranberry. My products are offered in boutiques all over the United States and on Amazon.

I noticed trends in the pet marketplace.

I’ve seen that people really want to buy products for their pets that mirror what they want to do for their own health. I develop my own recipes: no wheat, corn, soy or gluten and no artificial ingredients. I’m also developing a new product with a special probiotic for healthy digestion.

I built my business from the ground up.

I had worked in a lot of different industries, but there was still so much to learn about packaging, labeling, sourcing ingredients, finding a baker who could produce on a large scale, and distributing. There are so many rules and regulations for dog treats that I had to learn.

I love being independent.

It’s hard. It’s a lot of hours. I work on the weekends, and don’t take vacation. But it’s worth it. I get up when I want to get up. I go to sleep when I want to go to sleep. It’s hard, but it’s very rewarding. And I get to be home with my pets.

I needed working capital to expand my product line.

With my business funding I was able to expand my product line and get more exposure. It helped pay for printing bags for my new flavor as well as the development of our new probiotic line. I was also able to attend an event where I had a lot of exposure to buyers from supermarket chains and distributors. In the next year, I plan on doubling or tripling my sales.

Learn more about DogChewz NYC.

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