Recently in our employee orientation, one of our new hires asked a great question, “What advice would you give to a new employee just starting out?”

Our Head of Customer Experience, Mark Devlin, offered this: “Be relevant.”

This is good advice whether you’re a business owner or educating your own employees. One of the biggest challenges on any business’s plate is continuing to be relevant to their customers.

But what exactly does that mean?

Don’t worry, Mark didn’t leave our new employees hanging, and we’re happy to share with you his insight for staying relevant. It’s something we encourage our employees to do and something that you can bring to your own business.

Ask What if? 

The most relevant businesses continue to evolve to meet their customers’ needs. Maybe that’s improving processes for a better, faster customer experience, maybe it’s developing a product based on your customer feedback, or making changes so that you can offer a more competitive price. Whatever it is, being relevant is seeing a different way to do things and being empowered to ask What if?

Use Your Experience

When your customers come to you, it’s usually for a reason and often that reason is your experience and expertise doing what you do best. Always draw on your professional and personal experience when you work with your customers and over time they will know what to expect and trust you. And remember: your business was hired or chosen for a reason.

Leave Your Mark

Make the experience of doing business with you memorable and personal for your customers. Find something that is special to the way that you do business, and do it well and do it often. It can be as simple as designing signature packaging for a retail store, writing customer thank you notes, or always answering the phone a certain way. These small touches are what will make your business stand out.

Think Outside of Your Own World

Sure you can put your head down and plug away at your own business blocking out everything else, but you might be missing opportunities that could be benefiting your customers. When you can see beyond your immediate tasks and to-do lists, you can start to see opportunities you may have missed.

Being relevant is more than being at the right place at the right time. It’s taking the opportunity to make a connection with your customers in a significant way. What can you do to ensure your small business stays relevant?

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