Members of our technology team and their leader John Klose

Our Chief Technology Officer, John Klose, was recently recognized at the Philadelphia Executive Management Awards for his leadership.

“It was nice to take an evening to celebrate our accomplishments at Swift Capital and connect with other leaders in the Philadelphia area,” John shared.

John joined Swift Capital from Amazon two and a half years ago and has been using his 20 years of technology and systems development experience to guide Swift Capital in all things technology. His team supports a business that has grown 500 percent in two years building multiple websites, mobile apps, and internal systems.

Here are some of his award winning ideas on innovation, building a team, and staying competitive:

Innovation: “We live and breathe innovation as we experiment with new website experiences, prototype solutions with our customers and partners, and compete in hack-a-thons. We’ve created a vibrant, open floor-plan environment that fosters collaboration and innovation.”

Building a Team: “Always be recruiting, and never settle for just average talent. Great ideas and innovation won’t get you far without the strong execution that’s required in a high-performing organization.”

Competitive Advantage: “Our customers can apply for business funding online in minutes. We leverage this same technology for our internal operations as well, so our sales, service, and underwriting teams can work as efficiently as possible to meet our customers’ needs for fast funding.”

john klose

Congratulations John! We’re feeling pretty proud. You can learn more about the EMAs and other Philadelphia leaders here.

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