Just like every workout regimen worth doing begins with the core, every project here at Swift Capital starts with our mission and core principles.

They help us determine how we work with our customers, how we work together, and how we get things done.

Our Mission

To unleash the potential of every small business by providing them with fast and simple access to working capital.

We believe in the power of small business to help drive our economy. Small businesses deserve a fair shot, which means they should be able to get funding based on the strength and cash flow of their business. We harness data and technology alongside human expertise to see the true potential of every business.

Our Core Principles

Put the customers first. Our success is built on the success of the small businesses we serve. Doing the right thing by our customers is simply that …the right thing. All of our products, communications, and interactions are viewed through the lens of ‘how will this best serve our customers?’

Start with “Why”. Before we do anything, we start by asking “Why?” When we are crystal clear on our goals, everything flows more easily. We give complete focus, energy, and passion to what matters most.

Be obsessed with finding a better way. There is always a better, faster, smarter way. While we may be satisfied with the current state … we are never content. Reinvention is a process, and we are constantly driven to improve.

Run with it. We’re all owners. We’re empowered to step up and take action … without needing permission. If not you … then who?

Be you. There is no “uniform” at Swift – come as you are. We believe you’ll be happier – and ultimately more successful – sharing your true persona. So bring your authentic self and skip the filters.

Be upfront. Transparency is the key to all successful relationships. Nobody likes surprises, especially in business. When there is information to share, we share it quickly and openly, we learn from it, and we do better as result … our reputation depends on it.

Build the team. It’s up to each one of us to hire and develop the best talent possible. High caliber talent draws the same like nothing else. With the best talent, we are inspired to do our very best work.

No matter what’s thrown at us, we try to stay rooted in these principles. Are we successful 100% of the time? Of course not. But when things get off track, we return to our mission and principles and figure it out.

Building a thriving business, starts with the core. Not sure how to define the mission and values at the core of your business? Start with the question, “What problem are you trying to solve and why?” And then, “How are you going to do it?”

Our mission at Swift Capital is to unleash the potential of every small business by providing them with fair and convenient access to working capital. We harness data and technology alongside personalized human expertise to see the true potential in every business. Did you like this post? Tell us what you’d like to see on our blog. Email us at [email protected] or tell us here.


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