Here’s How to Fund Your Bakery

Operating any business is a satisfying yet difficult endeavor. Successful small business owners get all the glory and freedom associated with a business, yet have all the headaches, heartaches, and stresses at the same time. This is particularly true in the bakery business. Creating tasty, unique products and building a solid client base following for your creations has to be among the most gratifying feelings on earth. However, the back end of the bakery operation, the one your clients never see, can be downright hair pulling stressful. Ordering the right supplies at the right price, dealing with landlords, vendors, and all the other minutia associated with the bakery business can try even the most seasoned bakery owner. One of the most nerve-wracking tasks is getting the money you need for upgrading equipment, expansion and even day to day operation of your bakery. In today’s economic climate, traditional lenders balk at working with all but the very top tier credit scoring small business owners. Just try getting an unsecured business line of credit at a bank. Even those with perfect credit, still run into trouble getting qualified nowadays. For some reason, this is particularly true for food service operations, including bakeries.

Fortunately, there is an alternative funding source for your bakery. According to the May, 2012 issue of BAKE MAGAZINE, niche funding companies such as Swift Capital stand ready to help small businesses get the funding they need to operate and expand their operations.

Niche funder, Swift Capital, bases its funding approval on the revenue of your bakery, not assets or credit scores. The funding is unsecured by assets or the owners credit score. Not to mention, the amount that one can qualify for is often higher than that from traditional sources. Perhaps the best feature of all from working with Swift is the flexible repayment feature. The payments are tied to the businesses revenue. This means that you pay less during lean times and more during good times. This ability fits perfectly with those businesses that have ups and downs as it eliminates the stress of having to make a fixed payment despite going through a slow business period.

Swift Capital is a leading provider of working capital solutions to small businesses. Since 2006, we have provided over $250 million to over 10,000 businesses nationwide. To instantly get qualified for business funding click here

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