“I stick to my brand and my price point so I can serve more people.”

BFit is a full-service boutique gym, providing everything from Zumba and kickboxing classes, to boot camps and personal training, to $5 drop in sessions to use the equipment.

Here’s their story:

I pursued my passion.

I’ve been doing fitness for over 15 years, starting as a part-time gig leading classes while working full-time in insurance. I decided to pursue my passion full-time as a director at a fitness club, which ultimately went under. At that point, I was ready to do my own thing, and opened BFit with a clientele base I had gained from the club.

I give my customers flexible options at a competitive price.

I’ve made $5 drop in sessions my thing. If a customer wants to drop in, they are welcome. I’d rather fill the room with $5 customers than have four at $20 each. We run a lot of $5 specials to stay competitive and keep membership rates reasonable. Other gyms will pop up in the area, and everyone will run to go try the latest thing, but they are so expensive, my clients are done with them quickly and come back to us. I stick to my brand and my price point so I can serve more people.

We needed new equipment.

The main thing that led me to explore funding options was my equipment. I had a few pieces that were old and worn out that I wanted to replace. I bought some big pieces like elliptical machines and a treadmill that the customers noticed. I also purchased some smaller apparatuses like bands and hand weights. I am happy to have those during our busy classes. I also used some of the funds for taxes.

I didn’t want to deal with a bank.

I looked into other small business funding companies, but I never tried going to the bank. I am so turned off from when I went to the bank when I first opened that I don’t even want to try. The bank wanted me put up collateral. The bank experience is too much. I don’t even want to think about it.

I appreciated the guidance and expertise.

My experience with Swift was quick and easy. I wasn’t initially sure I was going through with the funding, but my Business Funding Expert worked to make me feel comfortable. She was very consistent and patient. It is attractive to me that they stay in touch with account updates and I can come to Swift again. I’m sure I’ll have more needs and extra cash will come in handy.

I plan to keep innovating.

What I want to do – which is when I’ll probably come back to Swift for more funding – is add a cycling program. Right now I have room to grow in my space, and I’d like to purchase bikes and start cycling classes. I’m working to get that accomplished in 2016. It’s the one thing that’s not around here, and I’m going to be the first in the area to offer it!

Learn more about BFit Fitness here.

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