As the calendar flipped to 2016, chances are you’ve been thinking about your business goals.

Here at Swift Capital, we’ve been planning for our year and getting our goals in place. We know that putting time into setting goals is not only a good investment, but the only way to run a thriving business.

We believe that when you clearly articulate your goals, write them down, and track your progress, you increase your odds of achieving them.

(Try writing your goals down in your own handwriting for a little extra brain synergy.)

While it’s easy to default to a more is more mentality, goal setting doesn’t always have to be about up and right.

Here are some different ways to think about business goals this year:

Get closer to the customers you already have. If you’re burnt out chasing new leads, think about opportunities with your current customers to grow your relationship and expand their existing business.

Differentiate from your competitors. What are you doing differently and why? Can your customers tell the difference?

Find your niche. Maybe it’s time to specialize in an area that you’re excelling or establish yourself as an expert in a particular field.

Diversify your products and services. If offering the same old thing isn’t cutting it or you’re feeling crowded by the competition, set a goal to develop or test something new.

Simplify your products and services. Could things be simpler? If you find yourself being pulled in too many directions, maybe it’s time to rein things in and get back to basics.

Think about efficiency. You’ve heard the phrase, “Work smarter, not harder.” What can you put in place this year that will save you time, money, and effort?

Get the things that feel out of control, under control. Whatever that thing is, the thing that makes you cringe. It’s time to focus on that.

Work less. It may feel impossible and it’s certainly counter intuitive, but maybe this is the year when your biggest goal is to do less.

Investing in goals is a good move, just make sure they’re the right ones for your business. And whatever goals you have on your agenda for this year, get specific, write them down, and hold yourself and your team accountable. We can’t wait to see how you do.

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