“This is, and has always been a family business. We strive to provide quality craftsmanship and tremendous value in our work.”

— Gary Forte, Gary Forte Woodworking Inc.

Gary Forte Woodworking Inc. repairs, restores, and refinishes antique furniture, and designs and builds unique custom furniture.

Here’s their story:

I always knew what I wanted to do.

I knew I wanted to be a woodworker at age 5. By age 10, I started my own business, and at 18, my first shop. I have been dedicated to the craft of woodworking for over 55 years.

I’m proud of my work and want my customers to be too.

We make the sincerest effort to satisfy our customers’ needs, whether it involves restoring and salvaging their antique furniture, or considering a purchase that will fulfill their dreams of investing in something they will be proud to display and use in their home or business.

There have been bumps in the road.

The honest truth is my business suffered heavily after the crash of 2008. I tried surviving on credit lines which made things worse. Having to start over in 2010 has been difficult without the necessary cash flow and credit.

I finally turned a corner.

After years of struggling on my own, Swift Capital was the first to offer to help me. I was able to upgrade my home shop with a heating and cooling system, a new website, and other improvements and equipment.

I was skeptical, but Swift Capital came through for my business.

The agents were extremely helpful and supportive even while I was skeptical that I would ever qualify for capital assistance. The money was put directly into my account within a few days, with a very reasonable payment plan structured to fit my budget.

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