Small business owners work tirelessly every day to build their businesses and have a positive impact on their communities and our nation’s economy.

When it comes to building, and growing, all businesses have one thing in common: they need customers. No matter what industry you’re in, connecting to the people that want and need what you offer is the foundation for a successful business.

We’ve broken down how to find and keep customers into three easy to steps.

Step One: Make Your Business Easy to Find

When someone is looking for a business just like yours, how will they find you? Did you…

  • Make sure your business name is consistent. Name variations can confuse customers.
  • Have your business logo sized for different uses. Nothing says amateur like a blurry logo.
  • Drive by your sign to see if you can easily read it from the street. Ask three friends to do the same.
  • Use pre-designed templates for print advertisements and flyers. They will take your printed materials to the next level and are inexpensive, often under $10.

Want more insight to make sure customers can find you? Download the whole checklist with over 50 tips and tricks.

Step Two: Getting in Front of Potential Customers

If you’re out in the world and investing time and money into getting your business in front of potential customers, make sure you get the most out of every dollar spent. Did you…

  • Draft a marketing plan and budget with specific dollar amounts and dates.
  • Look at a calendar to see what dates, seasons, and events might be relevant to your customers.
  • Investigate your competitors to see what kind of marketing and advertising they are using.
  • Write your company story to personalize your business to potential customers.

Want more insight on customer outreach? Download the whole checklist with over 50 tips and tricks.

Step Three: You Got’em, Now What?

Once you’ve earned someone’s business, it’s time to forge a relationship with them to keep them coming back again and again. We asked our very own Relationship Managers their secret ingredients to building great customer relationships. This is what they said about building trust:

  • Have values. Know what your business stands for and what that means for your customers.
  • Be direct. Value your customers’ time and get to the point.
  • Be upfront. Don’t try to sidestep the hard conversations. Addressing things head-on, even when they’re difficult, builds trust.
  • Believe in what you’re offering. If you don’t believe in what you’re offering, why should your customers?

Want more insight on building customer relationships? Download the whole checklist with over 50 tips and tricks.

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