“I’ve found it easy to compete against the ERs and hospitals simply because we truly care about our patients and they realize it.”

— Mark Muller, StatMed

StatMed is an affordable alternative to the hospital emergency room and is dedicated to giving patients a better, more comfortable medical experience.

Here’s their story:

I knew there was a better way.

After working and treating patients in an emergency room setting, I realized how dysfunctional the ER was and how inefficient the hospital was. I developed a method to treat patients with acute injuries and illnesses in an expeditious, efficient and cost-effective manner with the ability to evaluate and treat high acuity illnesses.

I wouldn’t accept “business as usual.”

If you think about it, would you ever return to an expensive restaurant if the waiter was rude and nasty, the food took hours to come out and when it did it was cold? Then for your trouble you were handed an enormous bill. Unanimously the answer, of course, is no! So why do we accept that in healthcare?

We compete with the big guys.

I’ve found it easy to compete against the ERs and hospitals simply because we truly care about our patients and they realize it.

We’re growing and our patients are happy.

I am proud of the volume of patient referrals that we receive from Primary Care Physicians and relatives of patients that have utilized our services. I’m also proud of our number of excellent ratings on Google and Yelp.

We needed a bigger, better location.

I decided to take funding, because I am moving the clinic to a new and larger location with better visibility and access. We think our move will double our exposure and significantly increase our patient volume.

We wanted a simple, quick solution.

Although traditional funding may be cheaper, after months of submitting document after document, you never know where you stand. The funding route with Swift was relatively painless. I only had to submit documentation once and received funding within the week.

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