If your business has a Facebook page where you post and share on a regular basis, you’ve probably considered Facebook advertising as a way to get in front of your customers.

Millions of businesses are on Facebook (at the end of 2015, there were 50 million small business pages with 2.5 million advertisers), but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should dive head first into buying ads for your business.

While Facebook ads can be an effective way to get your business in front of customers (especially given the many targeting options), before you invest marketing dollars, here’s what you need to know:

How much do Facebook ads cost?

Costs explained (plus tips for reducing ad costs)

What are the options?

A helpful overview straight from the source
3 different types of ads businesses should use

Are Facebook ads a fit for my business?

7 things to think about before you launch your campaign
Pros and cons of local awareness ads

How do I create an ad?

Creative tools and inspiration
Copy cheat sheet
Ad image cheat sheet
Creating a call to action
Examples of ads that work

How do I target my customers?

Everything you need to know about targeting in one infographic
How to target local customers with Facebook

I need help with everything!

Checklist for getting your ad on Facebook
A comprehensive guide to Facebook ads

Help — my ads aren’t working!

5 reasons your ads aren’t working
6 ways to improve your ads
Why Facebook ads fail

What makes an effective ad?

We asked our in-house expert and Head of Digital Acquisitions, Evan Goldstein, for his insider tips when creating an effective Facebook ad:

  1. Make sure you mention your business name multiple times within an ad. Customers are scrolling quickly and you have very little time to make an impression.
  2. Use a strong call to action (CTA). The words you choose for your CTA are important and have to stand out, especially in Facebook where you can’t use color or buttons and have to rely on text alone.
  3. Avoid photography that feels too generic. Using real pictures from your business is a great way to go as long as they look professional, or use an eye-catching visual to increase your chances of getting noticed.
  4. Don’t forget people might comment on your ad. Be prepared to monitor and respond as needed.

With a better understanding of what goes into building and buying Facebook ads, you can make a decision about whether it makes sense for your business.

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