When you started your business, you probably didn’t think juggling would be a key part of your job description. But keeping multiple balls in the air is a daily reality for business owners.

Often, it’s not just juggling but juggling when you’re on the go.

Because you have to keep the multiple plates of your business spinning from wherever you are, we put together a resource list for running your business on the go.

1. Stay connected.

If you use your time traveling from place to place to make or return calls, outfitting your vehicle with handsfree technology is the way to go. A Bluetooth headset will keep your hands on the wheel and not reaching for your phone (here are the top ten for 2016). If your car isn’t outfitted with Bluetooth, you can get a car kit like one of these. A car mount (here are 14, most under $30), will keep you from scrambling for your phone while driving.

2. Manage & track.

If keeping an eye on certain aspects of your business like invoicing, time tracking, and accounting while you’re on the move is important to you, there are a variety of apps to choose from. Here’s a few highly-rated ones. And for sole-proprietors that need to track their hours and expenses to bill clients, OfficeTime is a great resource, and it even works from Apple Watches.

3. Get a snapshot of your business.

The Staples QuickWins app tracks all your business metrics in one place and connects you to a community of other business owners when you have questions.

4. Track your finances.

Most online accounting software has a mobile version. Business News Daily shares their top picks here. For checking your balance with Swift Capital, our new and improved customer portal is mobile-responsive and easy to use on the go.

5. Learn something new.

From tapping into your creative side to business coaching and leadership, podcasts are a great way to learn something new when you have some transition time. Here’s a list of 45 to get you started.

6. Share with your customers.

When you’re on the go, it may be the right moment to snap a picture and share with your customers what you’re up to. Apps like Buffer make sharing over multiple platforms easy.

7. Brainstorm.

If you use your time in between things to come up with your next big idea, make sure you have a way to capture your inspiration when it strikes. Simply recording yourself talking through an idea in a Voice Memo will make sure that you don’t lose it. Or from the Evernote¬†app you can record and save a voice memo for later. (Much easier than trying to take notes and drive.)

8. Eat.

Are you grabbing the nearest food and eating in the car? Here are some healthy snack choices. Most you can grab at a convenient store.

For most business owners, being on the move is a reality of doing business, and these tools should make the juggling easier when you’re on the go. But please remember, if something is distracting you, at the end of the day, it’s best to pull over.

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