“I had to pay my dues, start with little jobs. It was the best way to progress, to get bigger, better, stronger. Isn’t that the American Dream?”

Capaldo Construction in Columbus, OH was created out of a desire and commitment to create quality custom-built homes through intense dedication to detail and proper planning. They manage each project from architectural drawing to certificate of occupancy.

Here’s their story:

Instead of relocating, I went out on my own.

I was a construction manager for a huge company, one of the top three in the country, until the market crashed. At that point, the company left the Columbus, OH market. I could have transferred to Seattle, but decided to take the offered package and start out on my own. If I could make it in the worst economy, I could make it any time.

I started small.

I started by doing bathrooms. Then I did a whole kitchen. Then an entire home. The business evolved; it wasn’t a get-rich deal. I had to pay my dues, start with the little jobs. It was the best way to progress, to get bigger, better, stronger. Isn’t that the American Dream?

We create a custom experience.

Now there are three of us at Capaldo Construction, and I project us growing to one, maybe two, more. My partner Mary Beth has her real estate license and we teamed up with a local architect. We buy the land, design the property and then build for you. You meet all of us in the office for an upfront overview of the process and cost, because we won’t waste anyone’s time.

We build truly custom homes with intense dedication to detail and proper planning. There aren’t that many custom home builders; most are semi-custom where you buy land in a desired community and choose from one of the same five floor plans. Our motto is: don’t buy a floor plan, design one.

We are a green builder, proud to be in the top 1% for lowest HERS score for energy-rated homes and winning energy craftsman awards every year. I don’t build to make money. I build to make a future. It costs more, but it is one of our hallmarks.

We had an opportunity to expand.

We called Swift because of an opportunity for expansion. There’s a large initiative to clean up Columbus downtown and the surrounding areas. It’s a good deal – there are abandoned houses on fresh dirt, all you need to do is provide a plan of what you’re going to build and start within 18 months.

We’re looking at building a couple affordable ranch houses near a children’s hospital down there, rehab some of these old homes and gain exposure by branching out into that area. Digging our feet in and getting that exposure will be huge for developing our reputation, and my reputation is why people call. But we need capital for the projects.

I appreciated Swift’s approach and customer service.

When I called Swift, I talked to Kristen and we immediately hit it off. Her energy was sincere, and I really appreciated the open communication and process. I looked at another place for funding, and three emails, three phone calls and two different people later, my decision was made for me. I wanted someone to answer to and work with me.

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