We love hearing from small business owners, especially when it comes to what inspires them to get up every day and make great things happen. From building houses to helping children, small businesses have a big impact on their clients, customers, and communities.

We asked them to share their proudest moments and received so many inspiring answers, we just had to share them with you.

Exceeding Expectations

1. “Every time a client expresses their gratitude for our services, it makes me very proud!”
Claire Lipton, Ten Fifty Industries

2. “When you see the smile on your client’s face! And you know they appreciate your work!”
Philomena Wright, Abana Lash & Brow Lounge

3. “Seeing the looks on my customers’ faces when they come home to find their job complete, and it’s exceeded expectations.”
Christopher Harsoock, Big Dog Construction Company

4. “When I first hand a homeowner the keys to their new house that we built.”
James Sances, JMS Building and Remodeling

5. “When my employees make a huge difference in the lives of others. Which is every day!”
Karen Reid, Beyond Expectations

6. “This particular project that I completed which was difficult. It came out perfect, and the client was so happy with it.”
Michael Beltrame, Suburban Acoustical

Inspiration: Being a small business owner means having a direct impact on the lives of your customers and going above and beyond to give them a great experience.

Giving Back

7. “We installed a unit in a 94-year-old’s home for free. It gives me great satisfaction to be able to help.”
Brandon Cook, Island Air & Refrigeration LLC

8. “Every time we do a fundraiser to help someone.”
Frank Cardoso, The Old Well Tavern

Inspiration: Small business owners are on the front lines of their communities, sharing their expertise and resources with the people who need it the most.

Being Independent

9. “I am proud each day! I love working at my full potential and knowing that others’ work habits, etc. do not diminish the results.”
Jeanine Ortega, Ortega Bookkeeping & Consulting

10. “I was proud to be a business owner when I went full-time leaving a good paying job to pursue my career. It’s rough at times but still a wonderful thing to work for yourself and not work for anyone else.”
Tavon Myers, T & T Auto Detailing

11. “I am proud to be a business owner every day. I get to help customers solve problems, and help my employees toward their financial goals in life.”
Michael Haenel, MH Contracting

12. “Every moment that I am able to be somewhere and not have to ask for time off.”
Dylan Prigge, DEP Farming Solutions

13. “It always has its ups and downs, but owning my own business gives me the flexibility I need to spend time with my family. Your kids are only small once, and I don’t want to miss a thing.”
Richard Ward, Ward Construction

Inspiration: Small business owners call the shots and reach their goals on their own terms.

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