This Friday, the Summer Olympics begin in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and fans from around the world will be tuning in to watch their favorite athletes compete for one of the most prized accomplishments for any athlete – an Olympic medal.

For many athletes, simply getting to the Olympics is a lifelong goal backed by hours and hours of hard work, commitment, and dedication. Sounds like another group of people we know…small business owners.

In honor of the games and each athlete’s journey getting there, we’ve put together 10 ways to be an Olympian in your business.

1. Set a personal record.

Not everyone can bring home a medal, but setting a goal for yourself that pushes you to do your personal best is a close second. From daily to quarterly goals, push yourself to go above and beyond and stretch to that finish line.

2. Cheer on your team.

Have you ever noticed how athletes and coaches cheer, hug, and encourage each other when they’re up and when they’re down? Make sure you’re doing the same for your team and then watch as medal winning performances unfold.

3. Have a global view.

The Olympics is a timely reminder to look beyond your back yard. What can you learn from a bigger picture view of your business?

4. Get to know your competition.

The best Olympians know what they’re up against. Make sure you understand your competitors, their strengths, and their weaknesses.

5. Broadcast your success.

When you have a win, tell everyone about it. Get on your medal stand and wave your bouquet of flowers in the air. Your fans want to see you succeed. Just remember to stay humble and thank the people who helped you along the way.

6. Have a medal ceremony.

When someone on your team shows what champions are made of, publicly recognize their hard work and commitment. Awarding them for their success in front of their peers will encourage them to go for the gold again and again.

7. Focus on mental preparation.

The best athletes aren’t only physically prepared but mentally prepared as well, which can mean envisioning your success or being resilient when things get tough.

8. Learn from your mistakes.

If something isn’t working, an Olympian adapts to the situation at hand and takes a different approach. By simply identifying when you need to try a different way, you’ll be closer to victory.

9. Look inward.

When things aren’t turning out as expected, an athlete looks inward for solutions instead of outward for excuses. An Olympian fights for their achievements instead of blaming those around them for their failures.

10. Just. Keep. Going.

It’s not the number of falls that matter but how many times you get back up. When it seems impossible, when you’re beat up and it feels like you can’t go on, remember Kerry Strug. She’s the American gymnast who stuck the landing to her second vault when she was injured and all odds were against her.

She could’ve given up, but she didn’t. And her team won the gold.

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